Full Service Security Printing Company

Delivering the finest quality Security Printing is our hallmark. We stand true to our founding principles of maintaining relationships with our customers based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust and integrity.

Government Documents

Government Documents

We Print: Tax documents, government bonds, postage stamps, ballot papers, ID cards, vehicle licenses, passports etc.

Commercial Documents

Commercial Documents

We Print: Vouchers (e.g. recharge cards), lottery tickets, concert tickets, air tickets, coupons, certificate of origin etc.

Cheque / Value Documents

We Print: Cheque books, bank drafts, stocks and shares certificates, deposit and withdrawal slips and lots more.

Plastic Cards

We Print: Credit & debit cards, ATM cards, electricity cards, membership cards, ID cards, access cards etc.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection/Security

We Print: Brand protection labels, tamper evident seals, tamper evident tapes, tax stamps and lots more.

Flexible Packaging

We Print: Beverage cartons, folding carton, shelf ready packaging, printed paper plates, gift wrapping etc.

Why you should use Only Secure Documents

Government agencies and private organisations require high security documents to prevent tampering, alteration and forgery. The strength of a document lies in the combination of security features in it. A document that contains 5 or more security features will not be an easy target of counterfeiters.

PAPI is licenced

Security-Printing License issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria

Controlled Environ

Printing is done is a security-controlled environment. See our facilities...

PAPI is experienced

Several years of experience printing security products

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