About Us

About Us


Papi Printing Company Ltd.

Papi Printing Company Limited is a security printing outfit incorporated on March 14, 2008 for the purpose of printing, bookbinding, engraving, designing, publicity and advertising. The company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number RC 736376.

In 2009 Papi Printing in partnership with Integrity Print (a foreign based printing company in UK) ventured into the Nigerian cheque market and was accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria, under the Nigerian cheque Printers’ Accreditation Scheme. We maintained the license for a further 3 years, serving our clients until May 9, 2013 when the Central Bank gave an ultimatum for all the foreign-based printers to domesticate their operation or forfeit their license.

Consequently, we established an ultra modern security printing factory with the best physical security qualities in Uyo. These include 25 meters underground Bomb proof vaults with level 12 CHUBB electronic doors; Bulletproof access control doors; Electronic surveillance systems; Fire Suppressant Facilities and provisions for underground storage and printing.

Papi Printing was once again accredited by the Central Bank of Nigeria on July 1, 2015 under the Nigeria Cheque Printers Accreditation Scheme.

14 Years of
Security Printing Services

Papi Printing was established to provide advanced printing solutions and services in the areas of document protection, product verification, revenue generation as well as Security Printing and Consultancy to Government, Financial Institutions and the Private Sector.

Our Strategy

Our Vision

To print and protect our customer’s product integrity and brand identity.

Our Mission

By integrating the best in printing technology with a passionate and committed workforce, we strive to exceed customer’s expectations on delivery dates and product quality.

Our Value

Secured products delivered on time.

Our Business Objectives

Our focus is on producing high-quality security documents and solutions that meet international standard for the people that product protection matters.

Our commitment lies in ensuring the protection of values and integrity of customer’s products and brand.

We will continuously be innovative in providing ultimate protection against counterfeiting and fraudulent documents.


Management Team